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Tourism Policy of Assam: An Opportunity for Existing Players

The tourism sector has been proven to be one of the most growing and sustainable industry in the world. Assam has a remarkable history and strong points of tourism attractions like natural beauty, ethnic mixture, cultural variety and various fauna and flora. Such a wide range of tourism resources gives Assam a comparative advantage over many other states. The Tourism Policy, 2008 of Assam is formulated to take advantages of these attractions in a way to eliminate state’s unemployment and open the opportunities for economic development.


  • To make tourism an important tool for socio-economic development of the state.


  • To fully utilize the tourism potential of the State with the efforts to promote its environmental sustainability, socio-cultural strength and economic benefits to the people.


  • To improve existing tourism products to meet the new and emerging demands of tourists.


  • To plan sensible and long term Human Resource Development Program to make the local people capable to take advantage of the opportunities offered by tourism development.


  • To promote sufficient and wide-ranging development of infrastructure of international standards.


  • To aware people about the importance of tourism and encourage them to participate in promoting tourism, sharing the benefits and in developing a tourism friendly environment.


Duration of the Policy:

The policy is effective from 2008-09.


Incentives & Eligibility:

S. N. Incentive/ Tax Reimbursement Description Eligibility
1 Reimbursement of Value Added Tax. Up to 25% of tax paid during one financial year will be reimbursed by the government for five years from the year 2008-09. The approved tourism units located at important tourist places.

(Minimum investment should be of rupees one crore)

2 Reimbursement of Luxury tax. up to 25% of tax paid during one financial year will be reimbursed by the government during the next year for a period of five years New Hotels, approved tourism units located at important tourist places.
3 Investment Subsidy General investment of 10% capital cost including land, building, furniture, furnishings, equipment, landscaping, etc., subject to a maximum of Rs 10 lakhs will continue for approved tourism units. Special package of incentive will be considered for channelizing Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in tourism and infrastructure projects.


The maximum eligibility of investment subsidy will be Rs. 10 lakhs or 33.5% of the total investment / project cost, whichever is less


1.       Hotels and resorts, which are below 2-star category and not located in urban areas.


2.        Tourist Lodges in and around tourist centers.


3.       House boats and floating restaurants.

4 Performance oriented incentives Performance oriented incentives on power lines to resorts

up to Rs 10 lakhs.

5 Awards Performance oriented awards will be given to various sectors involved in tourism industry.



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