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Tourism Policy of Nagaland

The tourism resources of Nagaland are immense. It is land of charm, diversity in landscape and culture. The tourism policy of Nagaland offers opportunities for a wide range of tourism activities to enhance economical and social status of the state. It is focused on promoting tourism sector in the state and providing employability and livelihood to the people of Nagaland.


  1. Planned development of tourism based on promotion of domestic and international tourism.
  2. Identification of tourist potential areas and development of these resources.
  3. To strengthen the infrastructure on a selective and intensive basis for maximum benefits to the state economy.
  4. Creation of tourism infrastructure so as to preserve the distinctive handicrafts, folk arts and culture of the state and thereby attract more tourists.
  5. To create and provide necessary infrastructural facilities such as power, water, roads, transportation, accommodation etc. for development of tourism in the state.
  6. To improve, diversify and expand the marketing of tourism products in the state.
  7. To promote private entrepreneurship and development of human resources in tourism related activities.
  8. Promote conservation and enhancement of natural resources as regards to flora and fauna, natural beauty, forests and unique features of the state through regulated development.
  9. Promotion of rural, ethnic, cultural, eco and adventure tourism.
  10. To create awareness about the potential of tourism and thereby, generates the growth of a tourist-friendly culture.


  1. Central subsidy for small and medium scale sector, transport etc.
  2. State subsidy on power generation and power tariff, water supply, tax exemption etc.
  3. Financial corporations like NMFC/NSFC/NEDFI/TECI etc., will be associated to finance profitable projects like hotels, restaurants, transport services, travel agents etc.

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