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Space Applications for Monitoring Mining Activity

  • Indian Bureau of Mines (IBM) and Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) will enter into an agreement for utilizing space applications for monitoring mining activity and study its impact to protect the environment
  • Ministry of Environment and Forest will use satellite images to detect illegal mining in rivers
  • Cartosat will be used to monitor mining activities and certify whether lease boundaries have been exceeded or any illegal mining activity is prevailing other than the leased area. But the amount of resources illegally mined cannot be defined.
  • Cartosat series is a satellites with panchromatic camera to provide scene specific spot and are used for earth observation. ISRO is planning to launching four such satellites in to the orbit for Earth’s resource management and monitoring

Source: https://ismenvis.nic.in/ViewGeneralLatestNews.aspx?Id=8816&Year=2015

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