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Uttar Pradesh Agriculture Policy

Uttar Pradesh Agriculture Department has introduced Agriculture Policy, in order to achieve the multidimensional potential of agricultural development in the state. This ambitious policy aims at encouraging private sector participation in the field of agricultural research, development, extension, input management and distribution, and agricultural marketing.


  • To achieve a growth rate of 5.1% in the agriculture sector.
  • To develop and popularize appropriate eco-friendly farming systems which would improve the soil health as well as farm income.
  • To develop and conserve natural resources for maintaining ecological balance.
  • To increase the income of farmers through agricultural diversification towards high value activities, while retaining the core-competence in area of food and nutritional security.
  • To develop infrastructure facilities in sectors of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, agriculture implements, extension services, food processing and marketing by promoting private sector involvement across the agricultural supply chain.


All agriculture based industries, soil management units, value addition units, food processing, horticulture and floriculture units, entrepreneurs, unemployed young individuals and farmers of the State will get the benefits of this policy.


  • Quality control labs, handling, grading and packaging units and cold chain (pre cooling unit, cold storage and refrigerated vehicle) facilities will be developed for designating agriculture based industries, food processing industries, horticulture and floriculture as thrust areas for increasing the agricultural exports.
  • Units of value addition and processing of export oriented agriculture products will be exempted from Mandi tax.
  • Electricity tariff for Cold storages will be at special rates (Agro industrial consumers) instead of Industrial/ Commercial rates.
  • To ensure fodder availability in rural areas, fodder banks will be established.
  • In order to protect the farmers from natural and other calamities, the benefits of agriculture crop insurance scheme availed by farmers who take credits from banks will be broaden.
  • Yield and weather based crop insurance scheme would be expanded in all districts to provide safeguard against natural calamities.
  • Seed Banks are proposed to be established in drought prone areas ex. Bundelkhand and flood affected areas in eastern part of state to ensure seed availability in adverse climatic situations.
  • Cost of establishing Seed banks and regular budgetary support will be provided.

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