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Uttar Pradesh Biomass Energy Policy

Electric power consumption is the universal indicator of agriculture, industrial and commercial development and welfare of the masses. No major economic activity can be sustained without adequate and reliable source of power. But due to increase in cost traditional fuel, the society has attracted towards the use of biomass as source of energy. In Uttar Pradesh, there are much possibilities of energy generation from biomass. Therefore, the Government of Uttar Pradesh adopts and announces Policy, known as “Biomass Energy Policy 2015” which is as follows:


  • To promote generation and use of clean and green power in the State by harnessing biomass energy.
  • To bookmark technology based critical area and strategy for renewable energy in the State.
  • To promote and encourage renewable energy investment in public and private area.
  • To ensure the availability of energy mix on the basis of renewable energy purchase obligation (RPO).
  • To spread environmental awareness among the general public.

Operative Period:

This policy shall come into force from the date of its publication in the Gazette of the Government of Uttar Pradesh and remain in force until further revision of the policy or for 10 years.


Any Industrial Organization/Private Institution/Partnership/Temporary Organization/Panchayati Raj Institution/Urban bodies/Cooperative or Registered Society/Joint Enterprise of Government or Semi-Government Institutions with UPNEDA shall be permitted to establish biomass based power plant.


  • The Energy generated from biomass shall be exempted from electricity duty.
  • For execution of biomass power projects, land purchase shall be free from registration and stamp fee.
  • Concession in Entry tax for equipment purchased before commencing of biomass based power generation project.
  • Benefits of Carbon Credit Facilities or Clean Development Mechanism will be provided to power plant developer as per instructions of Uttar Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Board.
  • Industrial Units which are the consumer of Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation, if establish their own biomass power plant or purchase electricity generated from biomass for the captive use, will be provided exemption from contract demand.

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