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Uttarakhand Mineral Policy

Uttarakhand is a large resource of minerals. Mineral Extraction is a process which involves environmental aspects also. To avoid exploitation of minerals and environment it is preferred to have a guideline for extraction. For this reason, Uttarakhand has its Mineral Policy.  The salient features of Mineral Policy of Uttarakhand are enlisted below:

  • Total 30 Minerals are considered as the Major Minerals of State are:
    • Agate; Ball Clay; Barites; Calcareous Sand; Calcite; Chalk; China Clay; Clay Others; Corundum; Diaspore; Dolomite; Dunite or Pyroxenite; Felsite; Felspar; Fuschite Quartzite; Gypsum; Jasper; Knolin; Laterite; Lime Kankar; Mica; Ochre; Pyrophyllite; Quartz; Quartzite; Sand Others; Shale; Silica Sand; Slate; Steatite or Talc or Soapstone.
  • For mining of Soapstone, Dolomite, Barite, Silica Sand:
    • Up to 2 to 5 Hectares of Land will be provided on lease of 25 years
    • More than 5 Hectares of Land will be provided on lease of 50 years
  • For opening of the mines which were closed by the Indian Mining Bureau, Lease after monitoring will be provided to the director. The final decision will be made by the government.
  • Rate of Royalty/Ownership for declared minerals will be paid on the basis of per tonne of the Out comings. The adjustment of monthly instalment of the advance dead rent shall be according of royalty of out coming minerals. The deferent shall be deposited up to 20 dates of the preceding month.
  • Stamp duty on mining lease deed at the rate of 2% of remaining period of mining lease at rate of prescribed dead rent every year.
  • 25% of dead rent in advance as security amount shall be mortgage in favour of director. Former lease holder shall be exempted.
  • The land will be taken from land owner shall be taken with the condition of that his field shall be returned with the plain field.
  • Up to 5 Hectare Rs. 2 Lakh Bank Guarantee in favour of director and Rs. 5 lakhs for land more than 5 Hectare.
  • Minimum 2 Hectare area for mining lease in the private measurement land and other than private land minimum 5 Hectare area shall be necessary in a part.
  • Application fees will be as:
    • 2 Lakh up to 2 hectares.
    • 4 Lakh for 2 Hectares to 5 Hectares.
    • 5 Lakh for more than 5 Hectares.
  • The land will be allotted as fixed by the director geologist and mining.
  • All mining lease holders shall be necessary to give the number of TIN in mining lease.
  • For work of estimate of minerals mining, number of geologist, chemistry, survey, mapping education shall be given for successful operation by the modern method

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