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West Bengal: Cold Chain Development Through Equity Participation By NFDB

The success of fish marketing will depend upon well organized fish supply chain. It is essential to establish network of fish collection, grading, cleaning, handling, transportation and storage system. Similarly, processed, frozen fish products have to be supplied to the state through a cold chain. To hasten up this process NFDB and West Bengal Govt. will provide grant for cold chain development in the state.


All entrepreneurs including individuals, firms, companies, registered associations, and registered societies are eligible to avail the scheme.

Items Eligible For Assistance:

  • Cold (chilled) storages
  • Pre processing facilities
  • Ice manufacturing unit
  • Insulated and/or refrigerated vehicles
  • Insulated boxes
  • Deep freezer
  • Cold (frozen) storage
  • Freezing plants – contact freezer; blast/tunnel freezer
  • Water supply
  • Waste management system
  • Effluent treatment system

Type of Assistance:

The NFDB assistance would be in the form of equity in the capital investment, decided on case to case basis.

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