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West Bengal: Construction Of New Ponds For Brackish Water Fin Fish Culture

West Bengal Govt. is providing financial assistance to fish farmers for constructing new ponds for fin fish culture under National Fisheries Development Board because the infrastructure developed for shrimp culture may not be directly suitable for taking up finfish culture.


Farmers and entrepreneurs developing brackish water fin fish culture farms of minimum 1.0 ha. size to a maximum of 25.0 hectares (Water spread area) developed into suitable size ponds for brackish water fin fish culture.

Items Eligible For Assistance:

Capital expenditure on farm development including construction of earthen bunds, concrete inlet and outlet sluices, water pumps and aerators etc are eligible for assistance.

Quantum Of Assistance:

25% of the unit cost (not exceeding Rs. 60,000) to all the farmers and 30% of the unit cost (not exceeding Rs. 72,000) in case of SC/ST’s as one time back ended subsidy.

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