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West Bengal Environmental Policy

The National Environment Policy approved by the Union Cabinet focuses on Environmental concerns, strategies and action plans in all developmental Activities. India believes that only such development is sustainable that respects ecological constraints and the imperatives of justice. This policy will be implemented in West Bengal by West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation.


  • Conservation of Critical Environmental Resources
  • Livelihood Security for the Poor
  • Judicious Resource Use
  • Environmental Good Governance
  • Efficiency in use of Environmental Resources
  • Integration of Environmental concerns into policies, plans, projects for economic and social development
  • Partnership with civil society and communities to enhance resource flows

The policy has been formed to strike a balance between the needs of development and the preservation and conservation of environment and natural resources. Government seeks special emphasis and thrust on:

  • Control over pollution problems created by organized industries
  • Control over water, air and noise pollution within permissible limits
  • Protection of rivers, water bodies etc from encroachment
  • Preservation, Protection and Restoration of the coastal zone of some 220 Kms
  • Improvement of the physical environment of cities and towns
  • Environmental impact assessments prior to location of industries, infrastructure and urban development
  • Public private partnerships and working relationships with societal organizations to generate awareness and active participation in environmental protection
  • Coordination among the various Ministries and Departments of Government to ensure appropriate action plans for policy implementation

Nodal Agency:

The West Bengal Pollution Control Board is the nodal agency, responsible for the implementation of environmental laws and regulations within the State. The West Bengal Bio-Diversity Board advises West Bengal Govt. on conservation of bio-diversity, sustainable use of its components and equitable sharing of the benefits of the use of biological resources.

Source: West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation

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