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West Bengal: Financial Assistance For Edible Oyster Farming

Farming of edible oyster is being undertaken by small scale farmers in shallow estuaries, bays and backwaters in a big way. Spat collection of oysters is done either from the wild or produced in hatcheries, on suitable cultch materials. Harvesting is done manually with a production rate of 8-10 Tonnes/ha. Oyster shells are also in demand by local 123 cement and lime industry, to fulfill the demand West Bengal Govt. under NFDB is providing subsidy for oyster farming.


  • Farmers/ fishers/women SHGs are eligible for grants for oyster farming.
  • Proximity of fishers/ farmers homestead to an estuarine water body with marine conditions during summer months
  • Willingness of the entrepreneur to take up oyster farming
  • Necessary clearances for undertaking oyster farming in coastal waters


The assistance would be 25% back ended subsidy on capital and recurring cost and 30% subsidy in case of SC/STs farmers.

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