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West Bengal Food Processing Policy

Food Processing and Horticulture Department, West Bengal has introduced its Food Processing Policy for setting up of infrastructures, processing units and industries to produce value added processed food products, reduce wastages, generate additional income for the farmers/growers, create employment opportunities for the unemployed and earn revenue for the overall socio-economical development of West Bengal and its people.


  • To augment export of both primary agricultural-horticultural produce and processed food products.
  • To produce and supply safe, hygienically processed balanced nutritious food to the domestic and export market.
  • Create symbiotic partnership between farmers and cooperatives groups with the processing industries.
  • Produce raw materials conducive for processing and export through integration of research and extension facilities in all sectors of raw material production.
  • To develop human resource base through Entrepreneurship Development Programme including information, education and communication.
  • To provide incentive in setting up of food processing industries.


Agro food processing industries and allied infrastructural facilities established by public, private and joint sector industries as also co-operatives and NGOs are applicable for the incentives under this policy.

Incentives under Policy:

  • These industries will also be exempted from payment of minimum demand charges of the WBSEB during closure period of more than 90 days at a time.
  • 100% exemption from payment of Electricity Duty may be given for 5 years for the units set up in the remote areas.
  • Agro Food Processing Industries purchasing fruits and vegetables directly from the farmers on partnership farming basis will be exempted from payment of Market Fee/Cess under the APMC Act.
  • Agro Food Processing Industries may be exempted from payment of Conversion Fee when they purchase agricultural lands for establishing FPI industry/Food Park for a maximum of 100 acres of land in each case.
  • Incentive scheme will be introduced for very small FPIs with plant & machinery investment up to Rs. 5.00 Lakh.

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