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West Bengal Industrial Policy

Keeping in mind the new Economic Policy, West Bengal Government formulated its Industrial Policy Resolution with a view to secure faster and balanced economic development with the active cooperation of the private sector.

Key Features of the Policy:

  • Appropriate foreign technology and investment are welcomed on mutually advantageous terms.
  • The Government recognizes the importance and key role of Private, Public & Joint sectors in providing accelerated growth and in improvement and upgradation of industrial as well as social infrastructure.
  • Based upon the available opportunities and the potential of this region, the State Govt, has identified certain segments of industries as thrust areas for special attention viz.
    1. Petro-chemicals & Downstream Industries
    2. Electronics & Information Technology
    3. Textiles
    4. Leather & Leather Products
    5. Iron & Steel, Metallurgical & Engineering
    6. Food Processing, Edible Oil & Vegetable
    7. Processing & Aquaculture
    8. Development of Medicinal Plants, Rubber, Palm Oil & tea
    9. Gems & Jewellery
    10. Promotion of Tourism & Tourism related activities
    11. Manufacture of Basic Drugs, Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals
    12. Optimal Utilization of Minerals & Development Of Mine Based Industries

Source: West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation

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