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West Bengal: Scholarship And Stipends For Wards Of Labourer

To provide Scholarship and stipend to the wards of contributing workers every year as an economic support to pursue higher studies from recognized schools, colleges and universities, Scholarship and Stipend scheme has been launched by Labour Department, West Bengal Government.


For scholarship:

  • EligibilityGuardian’s annual income should not exceed Rs. 1,20,000 per year.
  • Marks obtained by student should be minimum 65% in Secondary Examination and 55% in Higher Secondary Examination. (The percentage of marks reduced by 5% for candidates of North Bengal zone)

For stipend:

  • Guardian’s annual income shall not exceed Rs. 72,000 per year.
  • Candidate should have obtained minimum passing marks in Secondary, Higher Secondary, and university examination.


  • Scholarship
Sr. No. Name of Class/course Amount Per Year
1. Higher Secondary Rs. 2,700
2. Degree courses Rs. 3,700
3. Post graduate degree Rs. 4,200
4. M.B.B.S./ B.D.S. Rs. 5,300
5. Engineering degree Rs. 5,300
6. Diploma Courses Rs. 3,200
  • Stipend:
Sr. No. Name of Class/course Amount Per Year
1. Higher Secondary Rs. 2,100
2. Degree courses Rs. 3,200
3. Post graduate degree Rs. 3,200
4. M.B.B.S./ B.D.S. Rs. 4,200
5. Engineering degree Rs. 4,200
6. Diploma Courses Rs. 2,700

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