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West Bengal: Training And Demonstration Programme By NFDB

To meet the important requirement of human resource development in freshwater aquaculture, the National Fisheries Development Board envisages mobilization of existing facilities available under public and private sectors to impart training to the fish farmers/ entrepreneurs in the West Bengal State.

Nodal Agencies:

State Fisheries Department, Fisheries Federations/Corporations, KVKS, Fisheries Colleges and Research Institutes who have training facilities, faculty (in house/ outsource) and extension mechanism are entitled for conduct of training and demonstration programmes.


The following criteria shall be followed by the nodal agencies in selection of a farmer/ entrepreneur/fisherman/ stakeholder connected with pond/tank fisheries to receive training:

  • Should be a new/existing fish farmer
  • Should be willing to upgrade the existing fish culture practices
  • Should be willing to provide balance investment cost and or be willing to avail institutional finance for intensifying fish production
  • Should not have participated in any training programme organized by the Fish Farmers’ Development Agency on freshwater aquaculture at least six months prior to training under the NFDB Programme.
  • There should not be duplication of trainees by different agencies


  1. Assistance to farmer:
  • The farmer shall be eligible for a daily allowance of Rs. 150/ day and reimbursement of to and fro travel costs (train/ bus/ auto rickshaw) as per the actual, subject to a maximum of Rs.500.
  1. Honorarium to resource person:
  • The honorarium payable to resource persons is @Rs.500/ per day of class room/field training and to and fro travel expenses (train/ bus/ auto rickshaw) shall be reimbursed as per the actual, subject to a maximum of Rs 1000 per programme.
  1. Assistance to implementing agencies:
  • The implementing agency shall be eligible to receive Rs 75/ trainee/ day for a maximum period of 5 days for organizing the training. This cost shall cover expenses towards identification and mobilization of the trainee and course material/ training kits, etc.
  1. Development of training/ demonstration site(s):
  • The State Department of Fisheries shall be eligible to receive a onetime grant of Rs. One lakh for development of their existing fish farm for undertaking training/ demonstration programmes on a regular basis.

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