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The EHang 184 autonomous aerial vehicle is unveiled at the EHang booth at CES International, Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2016, in Las Vegas. The drone is large enough to fit a human passenger. (AP Photo/John Locher)

World’s First Flying Electric Car is ready to take you at work: Made in China

A Chinese drone manufacturer EHang introduced EHang 184 – the first fully electric automatic aerial vehicle capable of carrying a passenger (>100 kg). The company unveiled its new product during Consumer Electric Show held in Las Vegas.

A passenger just has to select his/her destination and the drone itself will drive you there. According to spoke person of the Chinese company, EHang 184 has run successfully more than 100 manned test flights.

This aerial vehicle is a four-armed eight-rotor drone, 5ft in height and weight around 200kgs. It has full-wing doors for passengers for passage and for luggage a separate trunk.The flying machine takes 2-4 hours for charging and can fly for 23 minutes at the speed of 62 miles per hour.

After the successful demonstration, the company looks to confident but the security question remains challenging – no passenger control in case of emergency. However, the company claims that EHang monitors each flight and they would help out in case of emergencies.

Source: Fortune Magazine 

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