Financial Assistance in Research on Tribal Communities

Ministry of Tribal Affairs has issued this scheme with the aim at supporting and strengthening  research in Universities and Institutions in the fields of Tribal Development. The ministry seeks reputed organization to provide them with research results.


  • To enhance and strengthen the institutional resource capabilities of various NGOs, Research Institutes and University Departments.
  • To enhance and upgrade the existing skills, knowledge and technical know-how of the NGOs, Research Institutes and University Departments.
  • To enhance the efficiency of existing institutions for devising appropriate strategies for tribal development in partnership with the Ministry of Tribal Affairs.


Criteria for centre of excellence-

  • Excellent application-oriented research background.
  • National or Inter National recognition of the capability of the Centers to undertake field research.
  • Capability to undertake field research at least in the regional contest.
  • National level capability will be preferred.
  • Excellent infrastructure for research & training.
  • Reasonable financial corpus for research activities to go on even if Ministry funds are not available.
  • Reasonable permanent and temporary research & administrative manpower.


  • Financial Assistance will be provided to eligible organisation.

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