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You too can Contribute to The Indian Iris…

The Indian Iris  encourages contributions from independent thinkers, subject matter experts, avid bloggers, and general citizens who hold an opinion on any public policy matter (or a scheme, or a decision). It can be from the Indian government at center or governments across state in India. Articles on policies of foreign countries which may be relevant to the Indian context are also welcome.

The analysis must have the following five components:

  1. What is it that you are talking about i.e. brief of the policy, scheme, or the government decision or initiative.
  2. Positives sides of the subject matter – What and how will it bring benefits to the country or the people and who will be benefited. And if possible, references around how to get those benefits.
  3. Negative sides of the subject matter – What and how it will negatively impact the country or the society
  4. A comparison of Pros and Cons (b and c), and a conclusion based on the data.
  5. Use of data and facts to support your conclusions and inferences.

Additional Guidelines:

  • The opinion / analysis should be original and not be published elsewhere except on your own blog.
  • The article should be as succinct as possible – typically 400-700 words.
  • Use of plain and simple language is preferred, keep an average Indian Citizen in mind.
  • Analysis on contemporary issues are preferred.
  • The Indian Iris shall not be liable for the opinions you express. Hence, it is imperative for you to do a thorough research and provide evidence to substantiate your conclusions and assumptions.
  • We invite articles only on policy matters or institutions/systems and not on individuals. Only those article on individuals where individual styles are impacting institutions or policy matters shall be considered. No articles shall be entertained on personal lives of individuals.
  • The Indian Iris shall not accept any defamatory or abusive content, irrespective of its rigor.
  • The Indian Iris shall not publish articles propagating extremist/separatists views.
  • Final decision to publish your article resides with the editorial team of The Indian Iris and its decision shall be final.
  • We encourage you to write articles on the areas you think, you are strong at or have substantial experience.
  • The copyright over the published content will be held both by the contributor and The Indian Iris. The Indian Iris shall have rights to use the content for promotion.
  • All contributions to The Indian Iris are voluntary in nature, i.e. we do not make any payments for your articles. When we publish your content, we give our best efforts to promote and give visibility to your articles as well as to your credentials.

If you think, the above proposition interests you and you can adhere to the above guidelines, please send your articles to Please don not hesitate to reach us, if you have any questions.