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Food Processing – Customizing for Indian Conditions

There has been a great thrust on food processing in the past few years. Food processing, by virtue of its contribution to the food value chain, plays a critical role in the food ecosystem and can directly affect the habits and health of its source and target segments. The Ministry ...

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Assessing China’s “global” ambitions: BRICS and the G20

Today, China’s unprecedented “participation” in BRICS (comprising members Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) and the G20 has forced foreign policy experts to “assess” China’s growing ambitions. Some define Beijing’s active participation as “hegemonic” while some experts go to an extent to define it as “active role-player in global ...

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Assessing India’s Soft Power Diplomacy: A “Real” Progress?

For decades, political scientists, foreign policy experts have argued on growing India’s “softer approach” in diplomacy on the international arena, giving it credit for India’s rising economy, its military might and evolution in demography. With New Delhi’s increasing reliance on the “soft power” particularly the nation’s vivid culture and values, ...

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Finally, a short-duration red gram

The new arhar (red gram or pigeon pea) variety released by Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) – Pusa  Arhar 16 – brings to fruition a long awaited desire of early maturity variety of the crop. Pusa Arhar 16 comes to maturity in 120 days, possibly due to synchronous flowering, and ...

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India Post Brexit and Rexit

India and the Brexit With financial and political ripple continues to shake the markets, Brexit continues to instigate debate among financial pundits on the future of global markets, especially the world’s emerging ones. Will the Brexit ripple hit emerging markets such as India’s? What impacts will it leave behind? Once ...

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