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TII Team

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  Narayan Singh Rao, Director, and Chief Executive Officer Sahitya Sindhu, Co-founder
Shubanshu Sharma, Operations Pawan  Kumar Panwar, Marketing
 Vicky Singh, Web Development
Mahendra Singh, Business Development
Jivesh Adlakha, Pre-Sales and Client Engagement
Gaurav Sinha, Research Associate
Akash Ranjan, Research Associate 
Dibyajyoti Biswal, Social Media Marketing & Campus Connect
Vikas Tiwari , Android Developer  Dakshay Bhagtani, Research Associate Intern
Shubham Dadhich, Research Associate Intern   Neha Bansal, Research Associate Intern
R. Satya Rajesh, Social media Campaign Pratibha Rani, Research Associate  Intern
Anuz Nanduri, Event Management Prashanth,  Multi Media team, NGO liaisoning
Vijay Kumar , Head of HR and Operations Salini Mondal , Research Associate Intern
Advisers & Mentors

Prof Sunil Handa 

Prof Handa is an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad. He himself is a successful entrepreneur and build successful ventures in the fields of Pharmaceutical, Packaging, and Education. He loves to mentor startups, and hand holds them and provides his wisdom. He has mentored over 300 successful startups by the students of IIM Ahmedabad and others.

TII Columnists 


Sivaguru: Siva Guru, a graduate of SASTRA University, is a Software Engineer by profession. Besides blogging, he is interested in reading Historical Fictions and visiting heritage sites. He writes articles in Tamil in his free time. He is from Thanjavur which is the cultural capital of Tamil nadu and is famous for ancient Tamil literature.

Hariprasath Thiagarajan: Hariprasath Thiagarajan is a software developer for an Italian Bank. He is a graduate of SASTRA Univresity, based out of chennai. Possilbly one of many big sports fanatic. Huge fan of Tamil Historical Fictions and Dan brown’s fictions. An ardent Chola kingdom researcher.

Chandramouli S: Chandramouli S is a Mechanical Engineer by profession, a graduate of SASTRA university, an ardent ancient Indian & pre-independence Indian history lover, blogger, a wannabe administrator and an aspiring writer inspired by fellow Engineer Mr Sujatha Rangarajan.


Amitesh Tyagi : Amitesh is an IIM Ahmedabad graduate and has about 12 years of vast experience. He is an entrepreneur himself and has built a successful and self-sustaining business at India Let’s Play. He has extended his support for other startups too.

Aashish Argade: Aashish is an FPM (Fellow Program in Management) student at IIM Ahmedabad. He has done his masters in agri-management and is currently pursuing fellowship in the Agri-Business Management.

Gaurav Mittal : Gaurav is an engineering graduate from IIT Roorkee and has about 8+ years of experience. He has also pursued his MBA from XLRI Jamshedpur and is keen towards economy and good governance.

Ravi Ujji: Ravi is a CA from ICAI and works with Novo Nordisk. He has keen interest in analyzing government policies, schemes, actions, and political situation and provides his opinions.

Mohan Krishna: Mohan has done his masters of technology from IIT Bombay. He is currently preparing for Civil Services examination and aspires to play an active role in nation building.

Amit Sharma: Amit has about 10 years of experience in software industry and has stayed in US for long before joining PGPX program at IIM-A. Besides being a good singer, and an actor, he loves reading philosophy and spirituality. He currently works with Goldman Sachs.

Mukul Shashtry: Mukul is an IIM A alumni and brings over a decade of experience while working with Reserve Bank of India, National Law University, Jodhpur, and Rajasthan High Court, Jaipur. He currently works with KEC International Ltd.

Vinay Solanki: Vinay Solanki has done PGPX from IIM Ahmedabad and Masters in Computer Science from SUNY. Vinay has over a decade of experience in telecom, finance and technology with companies such as Bharati Airtel, Goldman Sachs, IBM and TCS. He is an IOT enthusiast and avid blogger on mobile money.

Nachiket Nishant: Nachiket has done his masters in International Relations. He loves to write on issues related to politics and international affairs. He spends most of his time analysing international politics and the changing scenario of interaction in world politics. Apart from that he enjoys unravelling Indian government schemes and policies.

Deepak Agarwal: He has over 14 years of experience in Supply Chain, and works with Whirlpool as General Manager. He has also done his MBA from IIM A. He brings immense experience in manufacturing and sourcing. He contributes with his analysis on government policies, actions and decisions in this area.

Sai Chittaranjan: Sai is an FPM (PHD) student at IIM A. He has been a faculty at IIM Bangalore, specializing in economics, and finance. He loves to write on the issues of micro economics and business policy related areas.

Manish Kapadia: Manish has studied at Cranfield University, SIES College, Sion and S.I.E.S College. He has 15 years of experience working with several companies including Capgemini, and Patni. He is currently staying in London, United Kingdom. He contributes to The Indian Iris in various ways and introduces new people who are willing to contribute to the country via their writing, analysis, and experience.

Ramachander Poodipeddi: He has done his MBA from CUHK and is a script writer and also writes writes fiction. He has a keen interest in bringing quality, sanity, and objectivity in the information pertaining to government policies, decisions, and actions which affects a common man the most.

Aadil Rashid: We have Aadil Rashid from Jammu and Kashmir region. Aadil is self-driven. He is an MA in English literature, and writes well. He is keen to write for The Indian Iris on contemporary issues such as policies, technology, governance etc.

Ravi Shankar Y M: He holds 10 years of experience in banking and finance. He holds in-depth expertise on on contemporary topics related to governance, and businesses. Ravi has done his one year MBA program, from IIM A.

Saurabh Pandey: Saurabh has done his two year MBA program from IIM Ahmedabad. He is currently working with a social venture that aspires to bring positive change among masses especially young students and children.

Ramachandran Govindaraju: He did his 2 year MBA program from IIM A. Rama is a vibrant leader and a change maker. He is working on his own venture in the areas of food and catering. Additionally, he aspires to contribute to the development of our country via social and political processes.

Bhagwat S Rao is a businessman in the field of gems and jewelry. He is a President Awardee for his outstanding academic achievements. He is equally proficient in both Hindi and English along with multiple regional languages. He can read, write, and speak six languages equally proficiently – Hindi, English, Malayalam, Rajasthani, Gujarati, and Marathi. And can understand another six including Tamil, Kannad, Punjabi, Konkani, Urdu and Bhojpuri!

Amit Singh: Amit is presently working as an Assistant Vice President in Yes Bank. He is an IIM Ahmedabad and IIT Roorkee graduate. He has over 9 years of work experience in diverse fields. His area of interest includes Banking, World Finance, Politics, International relationships, and Start-up ecosystem in India. He loves helping, mentoring and counselling students.

Anirban Deb: Anirban did his graduation from the Ramakrishna Mission College at Belur Math, and is an MBA from MDI Gurgaon. He has been working for one of the world’s largest Agri companies, called Olam. Mostly, his entire work experience has been in Africa, and had involved working very closely with large and often poor farming communities. He also has significant experience in setting up and running million dollar US investment capital projects which process essential Agro commodities. Working in Africa has given him significant first hand insight into the role of good and bad government policies, and the thinking that goes behind it. He is an avid reader and enjoys reading about history, current affairs and economics.

Anoop Vasishth: Anoop brings over 8 years research experience in the field of Intellectual property rights. He is an engineering graduate from BITs Pilani. He had started his career as a software engineer while working with leading global corporations. Additionally, he is a visiting faculty at an engineering college in  Delhi NCR

Granveer Singh Sachan: Gyanveer is an engineering graduate from IIT Roorkee. After working for several years in corporate sector, he now works with government.

Salabh Jain: Salabh is an alumni of IIT Roorkee. He started his career with the leading chip companies, Texas Instruments. He later pursued his Doctoral from USA and now works with a leading software company.

Shreya Chatterjee: Shreya did her Masters in Politics & International Relations in 2014 and has have worked with Greenpeace India and Care India as a Permission Coordinator. During her stint at these NGOs, she did extensive research on CSR policies of Indian corporate offices and getting permission to hold fundraising activities. Also, she interned with a couple of NGOs dealing with child rights, school dropouts, LGBT movement and child trafficking issues. Further, she has worked with All India Radio as a child artist for 8 years.

Subodh Yadav: Subodh is an IIT Roorkee alumni with over a decade of diverse experience. He has worked with companies such as E&Y, NDDB Dairy Services, and Congrolej Advisors. Currently, he is working as a director in Swades Foundation that works towards integrated rural development.

Ashwani Yadav: Ashwani is a passionate individual with his high focus in bringing transformation changes in the way education is imparted. After working for a couple of years for corporate sector, he decided to pursue civil services and joined government of India. He also mentors a model school in Kanpur, which is experimenting with innovating ways of imparting education. He is an alumni of IIT Roorkee.

Ashutosh Gupta – Ashutosh has experience of over 10 years while working with companies such as Motorola, Alcatel Lucent, and C-DOT. He currently works with Cisco. He is a graduate from IIT Roorkee.

Narayan Singh Rao: He is an electronics and communication engineer from IIT Roorkee and has done his MBA from IIM Ahmedabad. He posses a decade of experience across software development, research and consulting. He is passionate about policy making and aspires to bring a positive change in people’s life by his social and business endeavors.