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BIS Certification: Earn the trust of consumers

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is a third party authentication of the product’s reliability, quality and safety. The certification is voluntary in nature but for some products the government has made it mandatory. There are currently more than 100 products where certification is mandatory.

Since the Indian independence, BSA has played a significant role in playing a quality checker of the products. BIS performs a number of tasks which include certification, standard formulation, hallmarking, testing and many more.

 Product Certification Schemes

BIS has been incorporated to safeguard the quality assurance demanded by consumers. It has also become a synonym for assurance of quality products and businesses acquire the certification to win the trust of the customers. There are currently 5 product certification schemes which has been listed below:

  1. Normal Procedure

In this process, the applicant just has to submit the filled application with required documents and prescribed fees at the nearest BIS branch. BIS officials will make a visit to the factory or production unit to ensure the capability of the applicant to produce goods according to the prescribed Indian standard and also to examine competent technical personnel. After the visit at the production unit, BIS takes a product sample for quality checking and once they are satisfied with the quality of the products, an ISI certification is granted to the applicant.

  1. Simplified Procedure

In this process the applicant has to submit the test reports of the sample – tested by the BIS approved laboratories along with the application. The applicant receives a certificate within 30 days if the product matches the Indian standard.

  1. Foreign Manufacturers Certification Schemes

Foreign applicants can receive an ISI certificate within 6 months after the applying date.

  1. ECO Mark Scheme

Besides quality assurance certificate BIS also provides a special categorized certificate to environment friendly products.

  1. Tatkal Scheme

The applicants who apply through this scheme will be considered on a priority basis and after examining the criteria BIS will provide the certificate in less than 30 days.

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