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Bitcoin – Future Global Currency in the making

Whether Bitcoin is going to replace the mainstream currency or not, only time would reveal, but one thing is sure that people see it as an alternative. Now, more than six million users in just two years tell us more than what we think. Ben Bernake, the former chairman of ...

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Top 5 Popular Schemes Launched by Modi: A Critical Analysis

The Indian PM Modi who turned 65 this year has been praised by the world leaders for his ‘out of box’ thinking and ‘dynamism’. This one and half year old government has launched various schemes and policies directed towards the overall economic development of the country. Modi has been performing ...

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Climate Change: The Indian Story

Image Source: cwf-fcf.org

Has India finally woken up to its climate concerns?  The recent signing of MoU between US and India on energy security, climate change, and clean energy does convince that India is committed to contribute positively in limiting the global temperature rise to agreed 2 degree by 2050. India, however seems ...

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Modi’s Foreign Policy Team

Indian Vascodagamian (because he loves leaving Indian shores frequently) Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken the full command of Indian foreign policy since his coming into power last year. Modi has visited 25 countries in 16 months – this is his second ongoing visit to the USA.  It seems India’s ...

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Start-ups are the future of India

Innovation and a large number of job creation , have attracted the policy makers most in the last  1 year. Indian Prime Minister Mr. Modi has launched ambitious campaigns such as ‘Digital India’ and ‘Make in India’, much success of these missions depend upon the start-ups. This is also true ...

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