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India takes “significant step” in HFC decision: Environment


  • India  proposed an amendment to the United Nations’ Montreal Protocol, which calls on countries to phase out their use of HFCs, gases used in refrigerators, air conditioners and insulating foams that are a highly potent form of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • India’s amendment calls for a 15-year transition period for developing countries to phase down their use of HFCs in appliances.
  • India had for years opposed and argued that HFCs should be handled instead under the Kyoto Protocol, which places the responsibility only on developed countries to make greenhouse gas cuts.
  • President Barack Obama and State Department climate change negotiators had long pressed India to agree to phase out HFCs under the Montreal Protocol, to which every country in the world is a member.
  • “It signals that they share our concern about the growth of HFCs and their impact on the climate system, are in agreement that the Montreal Protocol is the right forum in which to address this issue,” US envoy Todd Stern told Reuters in an e-mailed statement.

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