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CNG Honda Activa: Pilot Project

The Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas of the Government of India and the Ministry of Environment, have together taken a step further into the direction of introducing greener mobility solutions in the country. The government has introduced CNG kits for two-wheelers in the National Capital of the country, which has been battling a devastating air pollution menace, with the levels of pollution hovering in the critical zone for most parts of the country’s top metropolitan city.

The Minister for Petroleum, Mr. Dharmendra Pradhan, along with Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar, gave a green signal to the introduction of CNG kits into two-wheelers in the city, at a function organized at the Indraprastha Gas Limited’s CNG re-filling station in the city’s CGO complex area.

The launch is currently a Pilot-Project and will include running and testing of around 50 Honda Activa scooters by the home delivery personnel of the popular pizza chain Domino’s.

Honda Motorcycle & Scooters India has fitted every scooter with two 1 kilogram cylinders each, which have been mounted inside the front storage box of these vehicles. The government claims that the scooter could cover a distance of 120 kilometres on a single kilogram of CNG and hence, gives it an overall range of close to 250 kilometres on a single re-fill of the gas. It will also substantially emit 75 percent lesser hydrocarbons and around 20 per cent lesser CO than its petrol run counterpart.

Under this Pilot-Project, the scooters will be provided free of cost to select outlets of Domino’s and based on the feedback of riders, the company will fine-tune the calibration of the kits, before the government finally introducing them to be used by citizens in their own two-wheelers for daily commuting.

This will play a vital role in development of motor vehicles that have lesser environmental impact. This can be an effective solution for metropolitan cities which are currently facing problems regarding pollution due to motor vehicles.

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