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Mission Mangalam: Gujarat Government

Gujarat Livelihood Promotion Company (GLPC) is the executive arm of Mission Mangalam. Mission Mangalam aims to bring the critical mass of resources to address by creating a single platform for stakeholders like Banks, Industry Partners, Micro Finance Institutes, Skill Imparting Institutions etc. to deliver desired outcomes. The objectives of this mission are:

  • Empowering the Poor by organizing them into SHGs/Federations/other Collectives.
  • Empower the poor through ensuring access to Financial Services.
  • Enhancing existing livelihoods and enhancing incomes
  • Explore livelihood opportunities through newer ventures in rural service sector
  • Developing Inclusive Value Chains

There is a total of 24 lakh women who are currently active under 2 lakh SakhiMandals/Self Help Grous(SHGs) in the state. They are managing to the tune of Rs. 1000 crores through bank linkage.


                This scheme strives to serve to the underprivileged women as well as members of vulnerable communities/groups in the state

Benefits for Corporates under this Mission:

  • The concept could be incorporated into brands. There is a premium for brands that communicate concepts such as Mission Mangalam.
  • The Cost of Capital for this element of the value chain with available subsidies could be as low as 3%.
  • The debt would be on the books of the small entrepreneurs / SHGs / Producer groups, therefore the corporate headroom for debt would not be reduced.
  • The credit guarantees as required would be provided by the bank or the small entrepreneurs.
  • Facilitation from government of Gujarat for fast track approval and clearances.
  • The small entrepreneurs / SHGs / Producer Groups would be provided marketable skills funded by Government and this could possibly be a strong corporate communication
  • Convergence with government Welfare schemes
  • Many of the SHG members have traditional knowledge and skills in handicrafts, handlooms, food processing etc. which can be leveraged upon by the corporate.
  • The corporate would be able to leverage SHG members’ access to personal and community assets such as land, irrigation sources, conveyance facilities, infrastructure, pasture land, forest produce etc.

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