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e-Biz Portal: One-stop shop for Investors to avail all services of Central Government for doing business

e-Biz is an online service portal launched by the Government of India in 2013 as a part of its 27 Mission Mode Projects. The launched e-Biz portal aims to improve the business environment of the country by enabling efficient, fast, and transparent access to Government – to – Business (G2B) services through online mode and to encourage entrepreneurship in India. Through e-Biz, firstly, the government aims to create a business and investor-friendly ecosystem in India by bringing all business-related regulatory services offered by G2B through a single online window portal and secondly, eliminating the need for an investor or a business person to visit multiple offices or a plethora of websites for their work. The project will be implemented in a phased manner. The first 3 years will be the pilot phase, while the remaining 7 years would be the expansion phase. During the pilot phase, a total of 50 (26 central + 24 states) services from 5 pilot states will be launched. Over10 years, more than 200 services will be rolled out through the portal.

With the focus of the ‘Ease of doing business model, this initiative by the government intends to reduce the points of contact between investors and Government agencies, standardize necessary information, establish single-window services, and reduce the burden of compliance. Henceforth benefitting various stakeholders such as entrepreneurs, industries and businesses, industry associations, regulatory agencies, industrial promotional agencies, banks and financial institutions, and taxation authorities. Such an initiative will help in a transformational shift in the Governments’ service delivery approach from being Department-centric to Customer-centric.

During the occasion, Shri Sharma laid out the intention behind this initiative by announcing, “We are firmly committed to wide-ranging initiatives aimed at fostering the business environment in the country holistically. Our approach includes leveraging technology to bring transparency, improve efficiency and promote convenience. eBay is an important step in this direction and we are pleased to work in partnership with Infosys on this project, which we hope will become a benchmark for successful Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) in the country. The eBiz project is the first of its kind ever implemented in the country. It marks the highest level of maturity in web-based e-Governance applications as it strives to achieve horizontal integration across various verticals of Central government, State governments, and Para-statal agencies. The integrated payment gateway, which is also the first of its kind in the country, essentially solves the problem of debiting from multiple sources and crediting to multiple sources in a completely automated manner based on a set of external messages. Such a gateway can serve as the universal gateway for all e-Governance applications. All that would be required would be an integration of the department or the service with the eBiz portal.”

  1. Integrated inbuilt payment gateway offered to the user
  2. To make the e-Biz transaction more transparent, an electronic PAO system (pea) has been installed in DIPP which will collect all Central Government fees received through the eBiz portal.
  3. The tenure of the portal is for 10 years (valid till 2023)
Services offered by e-Biz:
  1. Filling the forms online
  2. Making payments online
  3. Submission of forms for processing by the department
  4. Tracking the status of the form
  5. Obtaining license /permit
  6. Receiving SMS alert on important notification
  1. One-stop for G2B services and information for the business community.
  2. All the services provided by the e-Biz portal is available 24/7
  3. Universal payment gateway in e-Biz will allow all payments made by customers to be collected at one single point and then apportioned, split, and routed to the respective accounts of Central / State / Para-state agencies along with the generation of challans and MIS reports.
  4. One integrated application for availing multiple services. Thereby reducing the number of procedures and correspondingly saving the cost and time for obtaining approvals for starting and operating a business.(For example, a business user can fill the forms online, upload the attachments, make payment online, and submit the form for processing of the department. Then he will be provided with a copy of the challan, acknowledgment of submission which he can save for future reference. With the application code, he can track the status of the form besides receiving SMS alerts on important notifications. The certificate/ approval/ clearance/ permit etc. can be finally downloaded from eBay)
  5. Help in reducing the complexity in accessing any information/services writ business
  6. Eliminating red tape and unnecessary delays in the regulatory process

It is being implemented by Infosys Technologies Limited (Infosys) under the supervision of the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) for ten years.

To know how to navigate the application process check out the link



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