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Mahashtra First State To Launch Cyber Police Stations In All Districts

MUMBAI: Maharashtra is converting forty-two state-of-the-art cyber crime labs into cyber police areas, as part of the BJP-led government’s programme to take on hackers or cyber criminals.

“Maharashtra is the first state in the country which will have a cyber police station in each district simultaneously”, Home Department told to news organization PTI.

Cyber crime in Maharashtra has risen by a whopping 142.1 % within the last few years, the official said.

These cyber police stations may also be arranged up at police commissioner and Range IG office buildings.

The Devendra Fadnavis-led authorities, which completed two years recently, will soon concern a notification in this regard, the senior IPS official said.

Mr. Fadnavis had inaugurated 34 well equipped cyber labs in most districts, on the Self-reliance Day this year.

The state government’s cyber criminal offense wing is to create a 51 cyber criminal offense labs in Maharashtra. These types of including the 34 labs at the district level, seven at Inspector General’s offices, nine at Bureau of Police officers and one lab at the state police headquarters, the official said.

Maharashtra is facing increased cyber criminal offense cases in tier-II towns and also in countryside areas, the official said.

Many such cases stay pending for investigation and the new initiative will care for this shortcoming, this individual said.

For the normal local police stations, dealing with cyber crimes is a daunting task due to the absence of proper training and technical knowledge. However, the cyber labs come with trained manpower and modern equipment to deal with the new age offenses in the cyber world, the state said.

With this new initiative, any offense related to the cyber criminal offense will be registered in these police stations at the district level. Extra cyber police stations will also be set up in some cities, the official said.

While 907 cases of cyber criminal offense were registered in 2013, as many as 2,195 such cases were filed in 2015. Presently there was the conviction in only five of the 4,981 cases filed in 3 years, the official added.

Source: NDTV

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