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Business Simulation Games: Xpressions 2016

XPRESSIONS, the annual flagship event of XIMB, is the biggest Management – Cultural fest of Eastern India. Spread across 3 days, it is a perfect blend of an array of events ranging from business events that tests the business acumen of students across various modules to the cultural events that encourages students to explore their interest and passion beyond the realm of academics

Xpressions’16 is the Business Simulation games that tests the ability of students to think and act in real world business environment through interactive business modules.

Games Organised by XIMB are-

  • Helios
  • Gladiator
  • Kurukshetra
  • Skill City

Description of Games-

  • Helios- Business management game which is especially designed to cater to the students at the undergraduate level with a purpose to give them a glance into the world of management thus reinforcing the vitality of a career in management.
  • Gladiator- A test of intellect, resilience, equanimity, and endurance to act and make full proof business decisions by posing real world management scenarios through interactive game plans, which the best brains in the country battle to unravel.
  • Kurukshetra- The skills of the better are tested against the best and the participants are required to use their analytical skills, academic knowledge and gut instinct to emerge as a winner by putting together an apt combination of operational, financial, marketing and human resource strategies that impacts the profitability of a virtual company.
  • Skill Test-This game aims at aims to strengthen the relevance of developing and maintaining the soft skills set. A perfect platform to flaunt your interpersonal skills, it is open to creativity and innovation with the basic aim to communicate your ideas, reform strategies to suit your team and nurture team spirit to emerge as a winner.


  • The Preliminary online quizzes.
  • Enhancing Analytical and Interpersonal Skills.
  • Exciting, Challenging and Learning Experience for any students.

Xpressions Website-Click Here

Event Date-11th-13th of November 2016

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