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Capital Subsidy for Environment Friendly Technologies: Tamil Nadu

The Department of Agriculture, Tamil Nadu Government, for all manufacturers of the state to promote the use of more environment friendly technology.


  • To promote more environment friendly technologies.
  • To reduce the harmful effects of human activities on earth.


  • All Manufacturers of the state.
  • 251 industrially backward blocks and Industrial Estates promoted by the Government and Agencies like SIPCOT, TANSIDCO (excluding industrial estates located within the radius of 50 kms from Chennai City Centre).
  • All 385 blocks in the State for Agro based enterprises.


2 percent subsidy of Plant and Machinery value installed to promote cleaner and environment friendly Technologies.

How to Apply

Within one year from the date of commencement of Production or date of installation of plant and machinery to promote cleaner and environment friendly technologies, whichever is later application should be made in the prescribed format to the Adi Dravidar Welfare Directorate.

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