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DoT exempts short range microphones from licensing

  • Government has exempted use of wireless requencies from licensing requirement for short-range microphones like cordless phones, radars, contact less cards and similar products.
  • The Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing, in its latest notification exempted very low power equipment for wireless microphones, that can be used in the frequency band of 36 to 38 MHz, from licensing.
  • The WPC, which is under the Department of Telecom, has exempted use of short range radar systems in a frequency band of 76 to 77 GHz which are generally used as sensors in automotive vehicles to implement safety features such as collision warning, lane change assistance, blind-spot detection and pedestrian protection.
  • As per the notification, equipment including the Radio Frequency Identification Devices operating in 433 to 434.79 MHz will also be exempted from licensing.
  • “Shopping malls use RFID tags and equipment to detect movement of products. This will also help free use of near field communication technology which we have seen in some smartphones.
  • The exemptions, however, will not apply in cases where “specific service licence is required from the central government” and “wherever the use of this band for airborne devices or applications is required”.

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