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Hindi-Urdu is the second most spoken language in the world

There are 7,102 living languages in the world and Asian continent houses 2,301 languages alone, according to a report published in The Washington Post. On the contrary, Europe has only 286 languages despite having many nations in the second smallest continent.

Chinese (in all dialects) is most spoken language with 1.39 billion speakers, Hindi-Urdu ranks second with 588 million and with a figure of 527 million, English is placed at the third position. However, the numbers presented here are fascinating because two-thirds of the population shares only 12 languages.  The report has been published by University Düsseldorf’s Ulrich Ammon after careful study of long 15 years.

The other interesting fact presented in the report was its assertion that Korean or Punjabi don’t show up in the list but in reality, both are widely spoken as much as Italian.

In terms of countries, English is spoken in 101 countries followed by Arabic in 60 countries. Therefore, English is truly a global language. The reason why English is widely spread has only one reason – colonial past.

English and French are the most common studied languages in the world with figures of respectively 1.5 billion and 82 million. Most of the languages are kind of threatened by the increasing number of English users and it is expected that half of the total languages spoken today will be lost by the end of this century.

According to MIT scientist Albert Saiz, German is the most profitable language in terms of increasing language skills if you are thinking about career.

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