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Hyper-sonic missiles are Indian Defence future

  • India is the first country in the world to ever possess a super-sonic missile system.
  • Super-sonic missile travels about three times faster than the speed of sound and flies on low altitude trajectories, making it a formidable asset to the nation’s defence tech and it eliminates the enemy assets effectively.
  • Hyper-sonic missiles systems and new plasma-based propulsion were highlighted as key defence research areas by A Sivathanu Pillai, founder BrahMos Aerospace, professor at ISRO, former R&D (DRDO), and honorary lecturer at Indian Institute of Technology.
  • The current research will be giving even more mettle to India’s defence, with the cost-effective and multiple-use hypersonic-missiles designed on the mythical Sudarshana Chakra of Lord Vishnu , which comes back to its original point after a pin-point attack.

Source: DefenceNews

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