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If willing to Work in Govt. Hospitals, Study MBBS for Free in UP

Doctors have always been worshipped in India and have been given a status of immense respect.

Public health department in Uttar Pradesh has been long stagnant because of shortages of qualified doctors. In a bid to ensure that doctors work in the state government hospitals and heath institutes, the state government is considering to offer MBBS course free of cost to those students who are willing to sign a bond to serve a minimum of 10 years in the government run hospitals after they finish their studies. The bond will be worth Rs 1 crore to 1.5 crore and will be signed by the students during the time of admission.

If this move comes into action, then 30% of the total course seats will be reserved for students willing to sign the bond and the remaining 70% will be open to other candidates. According to government reports, there are around 4,000 seats vacant for doctors in the public hospitals. However, doctors with good clinical records find it very difficult to work in government run hospitals because no private practice is allowed. As a result, a number of such good doctors take VRS (voluntary retirement service) to stay away from the government hospitals.

Source: TOI

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