Indian postal department should aggresively market its products: Ravishankar Prasad


Union Communications and IT Minister Ravishankar Prasad called on the postal department employees to aggressively market its products, including postal services, e-commerce, banking and insurance.

  • Prasad said he wants to make a turnaround and aggressively market the products like e-commerce, banking and insurance apart from the core postal services.
  • He has assured that there will be no job loss and emphasized that the employees need to change with the times and strive to make the services the best in the country.
  • The postal department has made Rs 500 crore business in the last six months in e-commerce sector and the service would be actively pursued.
  • There are 1.5 lakh post offices in the country, out of these 1.3 lakh are in the rural belt. Rural post offices would double up as common service centres for providing other services in the areas of health, education and entertainment.

Source: PTI


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