In the month of November 2016, we were hit by the worst smog of the century.

In Delhi, 80 people die of pollution every day!

Heavy reliance on coal for power generation is one of the main reasons of environmental problems in India.

We have to reduce dependence on fossil fuels (Diesel Generators)

Adoption of solar energy by every household is our mission. 

Do you know, “Installing 1 KW solar power plant is equivalent to planting 45 teak trees!”

“Be part of the solution, not part of the pollution!”

Why go Solar?


  • No dependence on electricity

  • Lower operational cost

  • Affordable and long run

  • Saving against future increment in price of electricity

Over 40% electricity cost saving by Solar:

(For 2 KW Rooftop Solar Plant)

Government Incentives:

  • Direct government subsidies upto 30% and more

  • Low interest loans

  • Tax incentives

State Solar Policies:

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