Soon India will have River Information System similar to Air Traffic Control

Indian government is planning to introduce a river information system (RIS) similar to air traffic control for the real time monitoring of ships shuttling in the inland waters network. It will provide real time metrological data and real time data of vessels moving around the water. The online availability will enable the users to track the vessels being moved on particular stretch.

The shipping ministry will make it compulsory for the big and medium size vessels to equip themselves with the communication and operator consoles to set up contact with RIS. The RIS model will be based on the same model of air traffic controllers.

According to an official told to ET, “The RIS has been established to track the vessels and advise them about nearby vessels, waterway information, meteorological information and river safety for ensuring efficient and collision free navigation”.
Firstly, RIS will be made operational on the 500km long Haldia-Farakka route of National Waterways 1.

RIS is operational in many parts of the world including America, Europe and China. It is expected that lower cost of vessels with improved system of monitoring will attract businesses to take less travelled waterways of Indian inland waters.

Source: ET

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