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Telangana: Bangaru Talli Scheme

Telangana Government with a view to restore the gender balance to channelize the capabilities of woman for nation building has resolved to prevent gender discrimination by empowering and protecting the girl children and catalyzing their all round growth and launched Bangaru Talli Scheme under which it provides incentives for achieving certain milestones to the girl child till she reaches the age of 21 years.


  • To enhance the social status of the girl child
  • To delay age of marriage
  • To ensure registration of birth and immunization
  • Enrolment for better nutrition and improving the girl’s educational standards


It applies to all girl children born on or after 1st May, 2013 in economically backward households limited to the first two children in the household.


Benefits will be in the form of incentives as follows:

Sl. No Age Trigger Out Flow (in Rs.)
1 At Birth Birth Registration 2,500/ Year
2 1st & 2nd Birth Day Immunization 1,000/ Year
3 3rd to 5th Birth Day Anganwadi 1,500/ Year
4 6th to 10th Birth Day 1st to 5th Class 2,000/ Year
5 11th to 13th Birth Day 6th to 8th Class 2,500/ Year
6 14th to 15th Birth Day 9th & 10th Class 3,000/ Year
7 16th & 17th Birth Day 11th & 12th Class 3,500/ Year
8 18th to 21st Birth Day Graduation 1 to 4th Year 4,000/ Year
Total 55,000
In addition on completion of 18 years Rs. 50,000 / Rs.1 Lakh is paid if she has passed 12th class/ or graduated

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