This program won the most prestigious award ‘MANTHAN’ for the year 2013.


The objective of the program is to uplift the poorest of the poor among SC/ST communities which are more vulnerable group and 20% of them are not addressed at the end of the first decade of IKP in the year 2009.

The group really requires handholding for betterment of their standard of living. Under this scheme, enhanced and sustainable livelihood opportunities will be provided. And thus their earning capacities will be increased and their asset base will be improved.

Process of Implementation of scheme

  • The concerned VOs with POP CAs, jointly conduct survey of all the families of SC/ST excluding government employees and Identify the households falling under POP.
  • The survey will be focused on Human resource i.e. their education levels, skills, health, assets possessed by them like land holdings of the family, live stocks ,credits availed and Cash flows of the family.
  • Household will be give scores for various parameters. The parameters are
    Family members (Number of girl children), Vulnerability (Bonded Labour, Joginies, Women headed etc), Assets (Housing, Assets of household etc), Land Assets (Dry land, Wet land, cultivable etc), Employment (Skilled, Full time, Part time, Contract etc), Migration (family members gone for migration), Ultrapoor Households
    Basing on survey results households will be prioritized. The high rated families (Ultra poor house holds) were identified to cover under this program
  • The VOs upload the list on the web site.
  • In order to support to livelihood activity VOs will take up entire activity by placing loan request over IVRS or through mandal login.
  • The loans will be sanctioned in the name of SGH wherein the HH is a member and disbursed from Stree Nidhi funds
  • The activities identified are supportive and complimenting other activity but not competitive to one another.
    Once the family repays the entire loan they are eligible for VLR.

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