Government pushes for infants to be covered under Aadhar, Karnataka sets the ball rolling


  • Even as the Supreme Court mulls the legality of Aadhaar due to privacy issues, the Centre has directed all states to speed up registration of infants aged 0-5 for the project through a new, “document-free” application that can be loaded onto a tablet and used anywhere.
  • There are an estimated 15 crore infants in India in the age group of 0-5, whose inclusion is essential to meet the target of 100 per cent coverage set by PM Modi.
  • Karnataka is taking up the tablet-driven mission in a big way by sending enrolment agencies to the anganwadis, which take care of children below 5 years under the centrally-funded Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS).
  • The e-Governance department, which is the nodal organization for Aadhar in Karnataka, has even sent out teams to remote tribal areas to ensure every citizen is registered.

Source: ET

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