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Govt. Sponsored Vocational Training Centres in Tribal Areas for skill-upgradation of Tribal youth

Name of the Scheme: Vocational Training Centres in Tribal Areas

Purpose: The main purpose of this scheme is to upgrade the skills of the tribal youth in various traditional/ modern vocations depending upon their educational qualification, present economic trends and the market potential thereby enabling them to get employed or to become self employed.

Salient Feature:

  • The Scheme is being implemented through the State Governments/UT Administrations, Institutions or Organizations set up by Government as autonomous bodies, educational and other institutions like local bodies and cooperative societies and Non-Governmental Organizations etc.
  • The scheme is exclusively for the Scheduled Tribes and can be taken up anywhere in the country but priority will be given to remote tribal areas, inhabited by particularly vulnerable and indigenous tribes and areas affected by extremist activities.
  • The capacity of each vocational training center is 100 or more trainees i.e. for one trade there should be at least 20 candidates. Minimum 33% seats will be earmarked for tribal girl candidates.
  • Each center may cater to five vocational courses in traditional or other skills depending upon the employment potential of the area.
  • Each tribal boy/girl is trained in one trade of his/her choice.
  • The maximum duration of the course is that off six months.
  • Each trainee is attached at the end of six months to a Master Craftsman in a semi-urban area for a period of six months to learn his skill by practical experience.
  • Each Vocational Training Centre set up under the Scheme running five trades will provide training to 100 or more trainee.

Financial benefits:

The funding is provided in two ways-

  • By setting up and running VTCs mainly in remote areas/ rural areas deficient in facilities,
  • By supporting vocational training for ST candidates in already existing institutions in townships/ districts, such as Polytechnics, computer training centres, and other private recognized institutions etc.

Apart from this, there are other benefits as well.

a) Recurring-

The maximum assistance of Rs.30,000/- per annum per ST trainee is provided which includes the following:

  • Monthly stipend of Rs. 700/- to top trainee
  • Annual Rs. 1600/- to each trainee for procurement of tools, raw martial etc.
  • Monthly honorarium to faculty/supporting staff etc.
  • Boarding/lodging of trainees, electricity and water charges, etc.
  • Additional payment of annual rent as per actual subject to a maximum limit of Rs. 10,000/- per month is permissible in case of rented building.

b) Non-recurring-

Non-recurring expenses of Rs. 48,000/- per trade for five years is allowable under the scheme.

(Source: Ministry of Tribal Affairs)

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  1. Running a vocational training institute in nagaland.need sponsorshipfor skilling of tribal women n unemployed youth of nagaland.

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