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PM unhappy over delay in seeking Cabinet approval for MoUs


  • Expressing “displeasure” over delay by ministries, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has directed that they should submit within one month details of Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) signed with foreign countries and different entities for Cabinet approval.
  • Prime Minister has expressed displeasure in this regard and directed that all MoUs that are signed by departments and are required to be brought before the Cabinet for post facto approval or information, under the extreme provisions, must be submitted within one month of the signing of the MoU.
  • In most cases, the schedule of visits on which the MoUs are to be signed are known beforehand and it should be possible to take timely action and prepare a note for consideration of the Cabinet.
  • The Cabinet Secretariat had already asked all ministries to provide the rationale of opting of the MoU route while seeking Cabinet’s approval. They have been told to enclose a “list and status” of existing MoUs while seeking approval of the new ones.

Source: PTI

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  1. its about time young legs with clean hands who are ready to burn midnight oil to clear backlogs that are getting piled up are inducted into the ministry, the experienced is left to guide and groom youngsters. Some things in business doesn’t wait the urgency underlined required understanding for speedy execution.

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