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III – Dollars will reach to Indian Social Sectors through this initiative

The Indian Investment Initiative was launched on 9th Oct which aims to bring investment from Indian diaspora living in the US. The initiative was launched in partnership with US Agency for International Development (USAID) and Calvert Foundation.

The highlights of this initiative are:

  • This is first of this kind of initiative in India – provides retail investment opportunity for the Indian American Diaspora. They can even make an investment of as low as $20 to Indian social enterprises. Vested Org provides the online platform to people who want to change India at the grass root level.
  • The first priority has been given to an investment in IntelleGrow – one of India’s leading lenders to small businesses focused on the base of pyramid (population living on less than $2.50 per day).
  • The focus areas will be education, health, sustainable livelihoods and more.
  • A Development Credit Guarantee will be provided by USAID to support Indian financial institutions lending to social enterprises, enabling them to get critical investments from both Indian and the US investors.
  • There is a growing consensus between Indian PM Modi and US President Obama to engage Indian Americans to invest in India.

Source: ET


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