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#IIMAConneXions to talk on IoT for Modi’s ‘Smart Cities’ and Financing Innovations

IIM Ahmedabad is hosting its annual 2 day summit on Vision 2025 – Positioning India on a Global Innovation Map.  The two day annual event is organised by the PGPX students (One Year MBA Program) of IIM. The event attracts industry stalwarts, policy makers, media personalities and young and dynamic business leaders from across the industry. Day 1 of the event on Oct 8 will host the two panel discussions covering discussion on Internet of Things (IoT) in Smart Cities, and need to finance Innovations. 

What IoT can do for Smart Cities?

Imagine an ambulance driving a sick child to a hospital telling the driver which road to take to get there fast, and simultaneously contacting that hospital over an 8 MBPS mobile data network with the patient’s vital stats to make arrangements to prepare for her arrival. Imagine roads that self- diagnose and warn city services six months in advance of required repairs. Imagine your AC, fridge, TV and security systems all aware of when you are on the way home and pre-setting themselves for your ultimate comfort. Imagine an internet you can touch and that touches you. Everywhere! In everything! Always! Now imagine this is happening in Bhubaneshwar, Jaipur or Madurai!

Eminent panelists from organizations, which are leading the IoT space, will discuss the possibilities, challenges and opportunities surrounding the vision of people, infrastructure and ecosystems connected with each other in almost symbiotic manners to increase the quality of life in India’s cities. A few remarkable names among the panelists are Simon Dale, Naresh Shah, Tanmoy Chakraborty Indranil Das, Jayraj Ugarkar and Prof Rekha Jain.

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi raises the slogan of “Make in India” across the world, this panel will also discuss India’s unique position as a possible knowledge and manpower source to create a cost-effective IoT ecosystem in smart cities a reality.

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Why it is important for India to finance Innovation, right now?

What was once a simple way to buy goods has grown to become possibly the most influential and multifaceted tool ever created. Money once paid for conquests and voyages; today, it enables revolutions of a very different kind- of thoughts, actions and disruptions that change societies positively. As we look forward to 2025 and India’s role in the global innovation map, there is a need to examine the crucial role of finance in fostering innovation.

What are the existing and emerging trends in the Indian and global Finance world? Who are the stake holders and what are their roles? These are few of the questions that shall be addressed in this discussion.  Panel includes soem prominent names from the industry and academis such as Prof Shailendra Mehta, Sunil Subramaniam, Sumit Khanna, and Sarath Naru.

About PGPX and ConneXions: PGPX is a one year full time Post Graduate Program in Management for Executives. The objective of the program is to transform bright and enthusiastic professionals into management leaders and change agents in the global landscape. ConneXions is an annual event organized by PGPX students of IIM Ahmedabad to drive industry interaction with academia. It is a platform to bring together eminent personalities to debate the contemporary issues facing corporate leaders and public policy makers.For more details about #IIMAConneXions, please visit ConneXion’s Official Site Here.

About The Indian Iris: The Indian Iris is the digital partner of this event. The Indian Iris is India’s leading policy research and analytics platform, which envisages to fill the void that exists between formulation of a public policy and its implementation.  The team at The Indian Iris navigates through the complexities of public policies and schemes, thoroughly analyse, and simplify them for the intended beneficiaries.

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