Indraprastha Gas unleashes intense marketing campaign to add 3 lakh households in FY16

  • Indraprastha Gas Limited has unleashed an intensive marketing campaign to chase a government-set target of adding three lakh households in the current fiscal, more than half of what it has achieved in 16 years of existence, but it is up against a messy urban planning and a sluggish property market.
  • PM, wants one crore households across India to have access to piped natural gas (PNG), a safer and more convenient fuel for cooking, in four years. This means almost quadrupling from the current level, leading the government to set targets for city gas distributors such as IGL.
  • In the first five months of this fiscal year, the company added another 50,000 or so households. That leaves a staggering 250,000 households for the next seven months. Narendra Kumar, the managing director of IGL, is using a combination of demand generation and capacity-enhancing measures to meet the target he admits is quite steep.
  • The company is putting in place a technological interface that will enhance customers’ convenience and satisfaction in installation and supply of piped gas with minimum offline interaction with company executives.
  • IGL is also rapidly tying up with more suppliers of men and material for laying pipelines.

Source: ET

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