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Maharashtra Govt. launches Mission Vatsalya for women who lost their husbands to Covid-19

The government of Maharashtra recently has rolled out a program for the widows of the state. Mission Vatsalya (MV) has been inaugurated by the state minister to provide financial assistance to women who have lost their husbands due to Covid-19. Men are primarily the breadwinner of the family. Because of their death during the pandemic, the economic hardship of the families has increased. To lessen that economic hardship, the scheme intends to benefit these widows, with a special focus on women coming from rural areas, underprivileged backgrounds, and disadvantaged sections of society.

Key takeaways of the scheme:

  1. Around 18 different benefits, services, and provisions will be covered under this single umbrella program so that widows can easily access them.
  2. Schemes like Sanjay Gandhi GirdharYojana (SGGY), Gharkul Yojana (GY), Sanjay Gandhi Niradhar Anudhan Yojana (SGNAY), Shravanbal Seva State Pension Scheme (SSSPS), Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme (IGNOAPS), Indira Gandhi National Disability Pension (GDP), are some of the many schemes that will be covered by this flagship program. Through these various schemes, financial assistance of differing amounts will be provided to the widows coming from different economic and social backgrounds.
  3. The monetary assistance will depend upon the scheme one is applying for.
  4. A sub-committee will also be set up for the rehabilitation and protection of COVID-19 widows.

Mode of implementation: The staff of the Women and Children Development (WCD)department, the head of the Child Development Project, and the local unit officer, along with Anganwadi Workers, will visit the house of these women. and provide them with these services.

Eligibility: Women (of all ages)who lost their husband due to Covad-19 can avail of this scheme.

In the last one and half years around 15095 women has been widowed due to pandemic. Out of which 14 661 women have been documented by the district task force. Hitherto approximately 10349 applications have been submitted by the women who were contacted by the WCD department so that they can utilize the scheme. However, in the long run, the WCD Department intends to cover around 10,500 women of Maharashtra so that they can get all these different benefits as soon as possible.


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