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Major ports added 71 MT capacity in Govt’s first year


  • India’s 12 major ports added more capacity in the first year of the government than they did in any single year over nearly a decade before that.
  • This includes the attempts of Jawaharlal Nehru port trust India’s largest container facility, to tap into its dollar denominated income to raise funds for the hinterland connectivity projects.
  • Nearly 40 projects, including the lastmile connectivity projects and internal port rail projects with an estimated investment of Rs 2,372 crore, have been identified by the major ports.
  • Work has also begun on the ambitious Sagarmala project for maritime development.
  • The government is also drawing up a plan to develop port-led industry and townships along with green initiatives such as wind and solar energy parks around the ports under Prime Minister Modi’s initiative on smart cities.

    Source: ET

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