Get upto Rs. 30,000 for your Murrah under this Scheme: Haryana

Murrah buffaloes are great milk producers with high fat content in addition to being efficient feed converters even when fed on poor quality roughages. The fast genetic improvement of Murrah is the top priority for Haryana. For Integrated Development of Murrahs, Animal Husbandry & Dairying Department has initiated this Scheme.


  • Increase in milk production and productivity.
  • Upgradation of valuable germplasm available in the State through selective breeding.


Farmers of Haryana having Murrah buffaloes.


Cash incentive at the following rates is proposed to the owners of the recorded buffaloes:

Lactation yield in Kg (Peak Yield in Kg)

Incentive Money (Rs.)

3600 to 4400 Kg (18 to 22 Kg)

Rs. 15,000/-

>4400 to 5000 Kg (>22 to 25 Kg)

Rs. 20,000/-

Above 5000 Kg (Above 25 Kg)

Rs. 30,000/-

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