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Bridging the gap between Institutes and Industry : Multiplier Grant Scheme

Innovation is the key for every nation who is in developing stage. To get the idea is easy but for implementation we need collaboration of research institutes and industry.Seeing the depth of concern, Ministry of Information Technology initiated a scheme called ” Multiplier Grant Scheme” where grants will be provided to the industries who will work with research institutes and develop innovation to reality.


  • Establish, nurture and strengthen the linkages between the industry and institutes.
  • To promote industry oriented R&D at institutes.
  • Encourage and accelerate development of indigenous products and packages.
  • Bridge the gap between R&D / Proof-of-concept and commercialization / globalization.


  • Research Institutes of India
  • Industries of India


  • The academic and Government R&D Labs would be geared for market oriented R&D.
  • Enhance the relevance of Education and Training to meet the market requirements.
  • The industry would be enabled in terms of mobilizing technical know-how and skills.
  • The industry would be enabled to quickly respond to market needs in terms of cost competitive indigenous innovative products.
  • Incentives, in terms of royalty sharing, may help in attracting and retaining quality manpower in academia/ Government R&D Labs.
  • Close industry – academia/ R&D Lab interaction may lead to increase in number of entrepreneurs.

Contact Persons:

Innovation & IPR Division
Government of India
Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology
Electronics Niketan, 6, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road
New Delhi – 110 003
Telephone: +91- 11-24364799 (Office)
E-mail: ajaik[at]meity[dot]gov[dot]in

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