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National Agro Forestry Policy: Approved


  • Government has approved the National Agro Forestry Policy, 2014 that will help natural resource management and improve forest cover.


  • Encouraging and expanding tree plantation in complementary and integrated manner with crops and livestock to improve productivity, employment, income and livelihoods of rural households.
  • Stabilisation of ecosystems and increasing forest cover to promote ecological stability. It also promotes resilient cropping and farming systems to minimiserisk during extreme climate conditions.
  • It aims to meet the raw material requirements of wood-based industries and reduce import of wood and wood products to save foreign exchange, supplement the availability of fuel-wood, fodder, non-timber forest produce and small timber for rural and tribal populations.


  • It will help increase the tree cover and availability of fuel-wood, fodder and small timber.
  • This will help reduce biotic pressure on forest and in its conservation. The farming community will benefit from it as it will improve the productivity, employment, income and livelihood opportunities for rural households, especially of the smallholder farmers

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