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PM Modi has changed terms of India-US engagement


  • India’s ties with the US have been “completely transformed” with setting of new parameters in bilateral engagement during the first year under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and there is more to come in, all the areas.
  • In one year, India under Modi, government has been used effectively to lay the foundation for India’s rapid transformation and for robust and purposeful diplomacy.
  • We are at a qualitatively different phase in domestic transformation, in foreign policy approaches and in engagement with the US than we were an year ago.
  • US is quick to offer to partner with us in realising the goals that our new government set for India’s transformation and as a result the narrative in our relations have begun to reflect new found energy and optimism.
  • Currently, India and the US are engaging on a bilateral investment treaty and agreement on social security.
  • In defence, the two nations have made tremendous progress in ironing out differences and the civilian nuclear deal is moving beyond the buyer-seller relationship to a “technology partnership and co-development”.

Source: ET

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