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Prime Minister launches DD Kisan – India’s first television channel dedicated to farmers


  • PM: Foodgrain productivity must rise from 2 tons per hectare to 3 tons per hectare
  • PM: Tehsil should be the unit of agricultural development
  • DD Kisan channel launched
  • It is the first such initiative of a Public Broadcaster to start a 24 hour channel exclusively dedicated to the farmers.


  • DD Kisan channel should keep an eye and inform farmers about the changes in weather, global markets etc., so that farmers can plan ahead and take the right decisions well in time.
  • Called for re-engaging rural youth with agriculture in a big way. He said DD Kisan channel can also highlight the efforts of progressive farmers, so that their innovations can be replicated across the country.


  • The channel will help in taking new research technologies from “Lab to the Land”.
  • Kisan Channel would facilitate the farmers in providing information regarding the policy initiatives undertaken in the Agriculture sector.
  • The platform would enable the benefits of technology accruing to the farmers.
  • This channel would inform, educate and update the farmers with the latest developments in the area of farming on a 24×7 basis.


  • The 24×7 Kisan Channel will telecast updated information on agriculture and related subject for the benefit of its target audience including cattle rearers, bee keepers, poultry owners, mechanics and craftsmen.
  • This would include information broadcast on the changing weather condition well in advance, and the low cost measures to protect crops / enhance produce during such conditions.
  • Advice of IMD Scientists and Agricultural Scientists would be broadcast periodically for the farmers so that they may know about the crop diseases, ways to protect crops from various diseases and on how to increase the crop yield.
  • The Channel will give information on newer ways of agricultural practices being followed world over and the R&D in the agri sector across the world. The Channel has tie up with IMD, IARI, Agricultural Universities, Krish Vigyan Kendras etc.

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